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Last Updated July 25, 2004
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The Basics
Age: 59 
Sign: Cancer 
County: Middlesex County
Region: Central New Jersey  
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 
Children Status: I have a child/children  
Do you want children? I don't mind dating someone with children, but I don't want to have any. 
Relationship Status: Single  
I am
looking for:
Looking to Settle Down
Looking for My Soul Mate
Looking to Make Friends
Looking for a Best Friend
Looking for my Next Victim
Looking for a Friendship that warms into Love
If I knew what I was looking for I wouldn't be here! Looking to socialize at the NJ-Singles Events 

The Vitals
5 ft. 5 in.
Body Type: Voluptuous 
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown 
Hair Length & Type: Long & Wavy 
Hair Style: Pulled back off my face 
Eye Color: Big Dark Brown Eyes 
Eye Wear: Night Vision Glasses 
Nails: Short & Clean 
Piercings: Ears  
Tattoos: I don't have or want one  
Smoker: I quit years ago 
Alcohol: I'm a social drinker 

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